Do you treat the wool to deter insects?

We do apply a slight amount of boric

Yes. We apply a slight amount of boric (less than 1% by weight) which deters all insects including moths. Across our >40,000 projects we have had zero issues with any type of infestation.  Our wool is also thoroughly washed with a detergent and scoured. 

Boric acid is a naturally occurring organic material. The most comprehensive assessment of boric acid is the EPA’s re-evaluation of the compound in 1993. This included laboratory testing for short-term (acute) and long-term (chronic) health effects. These tests helped scientists judge how boric acid might affect humans, domestic animals, and wildlife in cases of overexposure. The full document is HERE. Direct text from the document :

“Taking into consideration the available information on all uses; including the inert
ingredient uses, of boric acid, sodium metaborate, and sodium tetraborate, there is a
reasonable certainty that no harm to any population subgroup will result from aggregate
exposure when considering dietary exposure and all other remaining non-occupational
sources of pesticide exposure for which there is reliable information”

Nowhere in this documentation is there any mention of boric acid being toxic in common applications. Importantly, “No inhalation exposure scenarios resulted in exceedances of the LOC (level of concern)”