How does shipping work for home insulation? 

All the details about shipping home insulation to you.

Your order will be shipped from our facility in Reno, NV. 

Small orders are shipped via parcel carrier and you will receive a tracking number

For larger orders : 

  • Upon pickup, the carrier will affix a PRO # to the shipment and that PRO # will be how you will track the shipment while in transit. Havelock Wool will send you the shipment’s PRO # once your order leaves our facility. 
  • Once shipped, your order will move through the carrier’s network and on to the service center nearest to your location. This service center is commonly referred to as the “destination terminal”. 
  • When your shipment arrives at the carrier’s destination terminal, the carrier’s appointment clerk will call the number you provided to Havelock Wool during the ordering process in order to schedule a delivery appointment with you. Please be on the lookout for any odd phone #’s or private phone #’s that come in during the time your shipment is in transit! Please note, the carrier will NOT schedule an appointment with you prior to the shipment arriving at the destination terminal. If you happen to notice that the shipment has arrived at the destination terminal but you have not yet spoken with an appointment clerk - you may attempt to contact the carrier to schedule a delivery time using the carrier’s 1-800 Customer Service phone # and referencing your PRO #. 
  • The delivery time the carrier will schedule with you will be a “window appointment” and not an exact time. You must have an adult on site during the scheduled window in order for the driver to make the delivery. If no adult is on site when the driver arrives, the driver will return the shipment to the destination terminal and the carrier will charge for “re-delivery” before the shipment is put back out for delivery to your residence. 
  • Once the driver arrives, the shipment will be lowered down from the driver’s trailer to a safe, curbside location using a power liftgate. Please note, the driver will only perform a curbside delivery! This is standard practice in residential LTL shipping. The driver will not move the pallet up and into your driveway, garage, or inside your home. If you request the driver move the pallet any further than your curbside the carrier will add additional charges to the shipment which you will be responsible for. Please also make sure you are on site and ready to meet the driver upon arrival. You will only have 30 minutes total for the driver to unload the shipment after arrival to the delivery location. If the total time the driver is on site at delivery exceeds 30 minutes - the carrier will assess a “detention” fee on the shipment which you will also be responsible for. 
  • Once the pallet has been unloaded from the trailer, the driver will ask you to sign for a clear delivery. Usually, this will be performed on the driver’s handheld computer. Please be sure to check over your shipment for any damages before signing for clear delivery! Do not let the driver intimidate you into signing for a shipment if there is visible damage to the shipment. Signs of damage would be ripped shrink wrap, ripped bags, product spilling out of bags, etc. If there is visible damage, please count the amount of bags received in the driver’s presence and make sure it matches what you ordered. Once you’ve done that, please notate either “damaged” or “short” (or both if applicable) in the notes field on the driver’s handheld before signing for the shipment and then immediately email Havelock Wool at to report the issue. 



  • Every LTL carrier uses different size trucks for deliveries. We must always assume that the carrier will send a full size 48’-53’ semi for your delivery. If your residence is located in a hard to access area, on a dirt/gravel road, a one way road, a narrow road, or a road with low hanging tree branches or power lines, please notify Havelock Wool at the time of purchase so the necessary arrangements are made with the delivering carrier. Failure to notify Havelock could result in your shipment being unnecessarily delayed or even returned to us. 
  • Shippers will utilize “partner carriers” in low shipment volume/rural areas. Your shipment could be delayed due to partner carriers only servicing your delivery area on certain days of the week. Unfortunately, it is impossible for Havelock to determine if your area is only serviced on certain days of the week. If this applies to your location, the partner carrier will inform you of this when making the delivery appointment.