How do install blown-in insulation at the proper density?

In order to ensure you are installing the wool at the appropriate density it is best practice when using the blower for the first time to measure the volume of the stud bay (in inches - (depth * width * height)/1728) to get the total cubic foot volume of the cavity. Then take this number and multiply by 1.13 to get the total number of pounds of wool needed to fill the cavity.

Example - Stud bay for standard 8’ tall wall framed with 2”x6” studs 16” OC.
Depth = 5.5”, width = 14.5”, height = 93”
5.5x14.5x93 = 7416 cubic inches
7416/1728 = 4.29 cubic feet
Havelock Wool target installed density is 1.13lbs/cubic foot so 4.29*1.13 = 4.85lbs per stud cavity described above

Weigh out the appropriate amount of wool and blow it in!