Where does your wool come from?

Read below to learn why we source all of our wool from New Zealand.

At the quantities we require to make your insulation,  properly cleaned and graded wool does not exist in the the US or Canada unfortunately. We buy wool from New Zealand because a significant part of their gross domestic product is the export of wool. They are the leaders with the science, engineering and infrastructure to properly clean wool to be used as a professional building product. 

In the US there is very little wool in the aggregate and the quality varies greatly. Also the scouring (cleaning) leaves a bit to be desired. In the US vegetable matter (vm) is typically reduced to 1.5% after cleaning. In NZ there is ~0.1% left after the same process.

Havelock processes the raw wool material thru a production line of high tolerance machines to make a finished end product with a guarantee above and beyond other manufacturers. Foreign matter of any kind is very costly to our machinery and expensive to repair.

We have and continue to engage in the domestic wool market but have yet to find an outlet to meet our standards and those of our customers.